metaswitch be bars

Metaswitch Curb Bars Are Now Be Bars!

Remember the Max Metaswitch Curb Bars? Thought so! Whilst they had an amazing fiber to calorie ratio to maximise weight loss, the taste factor was, meh! When you’re craving junk food, you need a smart weight loss bar that’s nutritious, satisfying, and most of all tasty! The MetaSwitch Be Fiber & Protein Bars are exactly that. Who else wants a chocolate & coconut snack that’s high protein & high fiber?…

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soluble fiber & insoluble fiber are both important for losing weight

Fiber: Easiest Tool for Weight Loss That Most People Mess Up!

Without a doubt, fiber is the most undervalued tool for weight loss that most people mess up. Getting the right kinds and amount of fiber is one of the easiest ways to increase weight loss. The fiber will also help clean out the “plumbing” which allows the whole body system to function and feel better. Most everyone knows or has at least heard that fiber is an important part of…

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