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Weight Loss Liar – The Media And Bathroom Scales Aren’t The Whole Truth

Losing weight isn’t easy and there are many thoughts that contribute to the weight loss liar stories. It’s a very personal journey millions of people start and restart many times.

One of the biggest problems that some people have stems from their lack of self-esteem and negative thoughts about their bodies. The biggest destroyers of self-esteem comes from being overweight, especially since we live in a society that creates unrealistic media images of beauty, particularly of women.

If you truly want to be happy with who you are, you must realize this:
You should never use something as arbitrary as magazine or TV ads, or even the bathroom scale to define the level of your attractiveness.

That is not to say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, losing (or even gaining weight) isn’t important if you have a healthy desire to make changes. It’s a shame so many people set unrealistic standards for themselves based on media images and then the self-hatred starts in the bathroom when they step on a scale.

Did you ever consider that a large part of weight loss actually has to do with how you think and feel about yourself?

Beauty Is Subjective BUT Here’s Why It Effects Your Weight Loss

You’ve likely heard that before, “Beauty is Subjective”.
Or “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
It’s true, but here’s a better understanding of what that means and how it can be helpful.

Your thoughts about yourself play a major role in the way you view yourself in the mirror. If you only say nasty things to yourself then you will forever find fault. The thing is…you are choosing to be mean to yourself so you’ll never find the reflection in the mirror different than what it is now.

When you see yourself, pretend that it’s a loved one…
Would you ever tell someone or even a stranger, “Hey, fatty! You look rediculous! Why can’t you just get it together and lose the weight?! You must just be lazy or maybe you just enjoy hating yourself!”

Harsh, right? Start thinking and speaking to yourself like you would talk to a friend who’s hurting.

Don’t Rely Solely On The Scale

There’s more to healthy weight loss than the number on the scale.

Let’s say you are 5’2 and about 125 pounds. Even if you exercise, drink plenty of water and eat well, some “medical chart” will tell you that you’re about 15 pounds overweight.

According to the chart, it’s 100 pounds for the first five feet and then 5 pounds per inch after that. So, you should weigh 110 pounds.

BUT, here’s the kicker…

Muscle weighs more than fat because the structure of muscle is thicker and denser than fat which is lighter and spongy. According to the charts, you’d be walking around feeling bad about yourself which then causes you all kinds of stress and heartache.

Remember, it is your body, which means the only thing you need to be concerned about is how you want to look. Aim to only care about how you feel in your own skin. If it sucks, then find ways to change your mind and do the work.

You’ll find you’re able to have better weight loss if you combine a good attitude and educated efforts.

Stop judging your self-worth or the level of your attractiveness based solely on a scale on your bathroom floor!

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