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How do I speed up my fat burning results with the Meta Switch program?

*Critical to the MetaSwitch program is eliminating sugar and eliminating artificial sweeteners, which also raise insulin levels.

People don’t realize how important it is to eliminate artificial sweeteners. Then to minimize or avoid the starches in the afternoon and evening time.

Because when you eat a lot of starches, these starches like wheat convert to sugar rapidly and so it will raise sugar, raise insulin, and program you for weight gain, especially wheat and corn. The key is, you want to decrease or eliminate starches, especially after lunch.

When you eliminate those starches and eat mainly green carbs with good proteins, salads, healthy fats, the right fuel & fiber, you literally put the correct fuel mixture in to start burning fat, keep the metabolic rate up, as well as turn down hunger dramatically.

*Breakfast is the time. You can have that bread for breakfast with a little bit of butter on it and then you can have some eggs. I tell people, you can have eggs, scramble them, but just use one egg yolk and you can use three to five egg whites. That way you’re going to be full for breakfast, then you’ve got the right mixture, along with you need some fiber, that’s why the whole grain bread is so good, because you’re getting the fiber, you’re getting the carbohydrates, you’re getting the good fats, and you can put some almond butter on your toast, which is good fat, or you can cook your eggs in olive oil with the eggs and just with one yolk and three to five whites, will usually fill a person up.

*So many people are either skipping breakfast or they make breakfast their smallest meal. You’ve been fasting for usually at least 8-12 hours by the time you wake, so when you skip breakfast or eat a small breakfast, your metabolic rate suffers.

It’s so critical to eat a good healthy breakfast! But we want around 500-700 calories for breakfast. If you have just a bagel or a donut and a cup of coffee, that’s not enough. You’re not stimulating your metabolic rate.

*Steel cut oatmeal is a great breakfast, but you also need some protein and some good fat. You can have steel cut oatmeal with some berries, with some pecans or nuts in there. Also, you could have some low fat yogurt without the added sugar or some cottage cheese to provide the protein.
You can have green tea or some coffee, but without the sugar and without the creamer!

One of the most amazing studies was an Israeli study that showed what happened if people ate 700 calories for breakfast.

There were two groups, one had 700 calories for breakfast, one had only 200 calories for breakfast, the other group had 700 calories for dinner.

The group that had the 700 calories for breakfast, only had 200 calories for dinner. It’s interesting, after 3 months, they found the group that had the large breakfast lost on average 17.8 pounds with 3 inches off the waist. It was 1,400 calories total per day. But the group that had the small breakfast, big dinner, lost only 7.3 pounds with only 1-1/2 inches off the waist; over 10 pounds more in the group that ate the big breakfast. That’s because when you eat a large breakfast, you literally are stimulating your metabolic rate.

*The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate is. So a lot of people burn muscle as fuel because when you go without eating, your body starts dipping into muscle as fuel and when you burn muscle as fuel, you’re lowering your metabolic rate.

It’s dangerous to yo-yo diet where you lose a lot of weight, gain more weight, because what’s happening is many times these yo-yo dieters are burning muscle tissue so that literally as they gain their weight back they’re gaining more fat back, but they’re losing more muscle, so literally their percent body fat is going up each time.

*Well, fiber is so important and realize, Americans are woefully deficient in fiber. The average American gets only like 10-15 grams of fiber a day, but the recommended amount of fiber we need, according to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for a man. So we’re woefully deficient.

Fiber is extremely important and first of all, there’s two kinds of fiber. There’s soluble fiber, and most of the products out there are soluble fiber.

The insoluble fiber is equally as important, it helps to move the toxins out, it literally sweeps the colon clean. The insoluble fiber is unable to be broken down, it’s in the skins of many plants, like the skins of apples and pears, it’s in wheat bran and oat bran and rice bran. Again, the soluble fiber component keeps the GI tract involved. It also creates the feeling of fullness—both fibers create a feeling of fullness, both the soluble fiber and the insoluble.

*With the Be Bars, you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Max Be Bars contains both soluble and insoluble fiber, so you’re creating that feeling of fullness.

It works on a volumetric principle because when you eat soluble and insoluble fiber, it expands in the GI tract. But the key is, you’ve got to take the fiber bars, with water.

Be fiber and protein bars work especially well as a snack, mid afternoon and/or in the evening.

We find one bar with about 12-16 ounces of water works beautifully, creating that volumetric principle of fullness or satisfaction. So then you’re not craving a lot of these processed foods that are high in sugar, high in starches that literally program your body for weight gain.

*Most people have to deal with hunger in the late afternoon and evening. And they’re not usually craving broccoli or salads, they’re craving five key foods.
The University of Illinois did a study in which they found the five most common comfort foods:

  • Chips, potato chips, corn chips
  • Ice cream
  • Cookies
  • Women’s favorite, which is usually chocolate
    Pizza and pasta.

These cravings usually attack when the blood sugar gets low and so that’s why people need a ‘pick me up’. Usually mid afternoon around 3:00pm, and then we find in the evening around 8:00 or 9:00pm. This is the difference, it’s both hunger and appetite and the two are different.

Hunger is the physiologic need for food based on low blood sugar, whenever your blood sugar dips low—bingo—you get a signal from your hypothalamus (your appetite center of your brain), to eat something that is going to raise the sugar as fast as you can. So you’re going to reach for a candy bar, or a cookie, or chips, or something to raise that sugar.

So what we find is, if we can keep that blood sugar stabilized by fiber and by the right fuel mixture, guess what? We turn off hunger!

A new study that came out, showed that most American adults consume 25% of their calorie intake for the day after 8:00pm in the evening. And that those 25% of calories, are made up of the comfort foods mentioned above.

*An important thing to understand, is that food manufacturers and processed food companies, are very smart.

They hire the brightest food chemists, the brightest marketers, the brightest psychologists to develop a food that so appeals to the five senses that it’s impossible to eat just one. Then what they do, they want to get a customer for life that’s addicted to not just one chip, they want you to eat a big super size bag of chips – every night!

So you need to go through your fridge, your cupboards, your pantries and remove the irresistible foods!

Start with cleaning your cupboards out of the processed foods, chips, cookies, candy. And your freezer out of the ice cream. Get rid of those irresistible foods and then in place, put healthy snacks in there. Put some raw nuts in there, some avocado, some guacamole, some almond butter, some cucumbers, organic celery sticks, carrot sticks, something that you can snack on and of course your Curb bars.

Many people have found that by eating half a Be Bar at night (usually within an hour after dinner with water), that they are good till bedtime and don’t want anything else.

*If you can go to bed early, by around 9:30 or 10:00pm, you can literally avoid when those appetite triggers go off. Because the later you stay up, the more you’re going to encounter appetite triggers.

When a person has less sleep, generally their body is more stressed and is producing high amounts of cortisol.

Cortisol is important for health, but too much cortisol is a double-edge sword. It causes you to gain fat, especially in your abdomen, and to lose muscle. So the higher your cortisol level is, it’s catabolic, which means it breaks down muscle tissue, but it causes an increased appetite and it causes fat deposition – especially in the abdomen.

*Sugar stresses the body, as well as deep-fried foods, hydrogenated fats, and excessive amounts of processed foods. One thing that really stresses the body is when you have low blood sugar. In other words, if you skip meals or if you go for hours without eating, this probably stresses the body more than anything as far as food goes. More so than actually eating the wrong foods.

So if you go say five, six hours without eating, your blood sugar is going to literally drop. When your blood sugar drops, your body responds by producing adrenalin and cortisol.

So by having frequent times when your blood sugar drops and all of a sudden you start craving and your hunger goes crazy—not your appetite, your hunger—you are secreting cortisol. You are pumping out cortisol and insulin. These are the dynamic duo for weight gain!

In other words, when you are craving the very foods that raise your sugar the fastest, like processed foods, chips, sodas, cookies, candy, chocolate and ice cream, you’re getting a spike of sugar and a spike of insulin – which tells your body to store fat. On top of this, you have cortisol.

Cortisol is that powerful, it tells your body to not just store fat, but store belly fat, which is the most toxic of all fats.

*Most people start their weight loss program literally obsessed with their scales. We encourage you to take a photograph before, then during the Meta Switch program because the scales are not the only way of telling if you’re losing fat.

Some people have reported being ready to quit until they saw their side-by-side pictures. Those before and during pictures are what really reveal the difference in how different you look.

*We don’t even like to use the word ‘exercise’, because so many people hear the word and immediately fold their arms! So we prefer to say, just increase your activity level.

One of the simplest things anyone can do, is drink 16oz of water with their 2 MetaSwitch capsules when they wake up in the morning. Then go out and just walk briskly for about 10 minutes.

The reason we don’t say 30 minutes, is because during the night, you are literally burning up all your sugar stores of glycogen, which is sugar that’s stored in your muscles and liver. When you burn up your glycogen stores, guess what you tap into? Pure fat!

If you can walk longer then great. But start with just 10 minutes and you’ll be literally dipping into your fat stores, especially your belly fat!

Timing with weight loss is everything. If you follow the above routine, then have your breakfast (the right fuel mixture), you are literally putting yourself in a fat-burning type of metabolic state. Then graze throughout the day, but graze on the right foods.

When you do this, you’re keeping your blood sugar stabilized, preventing hunger and turning off appetite. Then in the afternoon continue grazing, but shift to the green carbohydrates instead of starches and sugars. Take your half a Curb bar in the afternoon and evening and please drink water!

*Unfortunately most people are choosing beverages that literally set them up for weight gain.
People say, “Oh, it’s orange juice, or it’s apple juice, or it’s grape juice,” yet these are chock full of sugar! Then they sweeten coffees from Starbucks, which are full of cream and dairy products that literally invite weight gain.

How about if I only drink diet sodas?

Diet sodas contain usually either NutraSweet, Aspartame, or Splenda. Yes these sweeteners don’t have calories in them, but studies have shown they raise insulin levels and they raise your appetite. On top of that, they increase your appetite for more sugar and starch!

Insulin is the greatest hormonal promoter for weight gain.

When you raise insulin levels, you are unknowingly telling your body to actually store fat and not to burn fat when you exercise. So it’s critically important to lower sugar and insulin levels with the right combination of foods, and avoid sugars and artificial sweeteners.

*Meta-Switch Switch pills are powered by Riboceine – a patented ingredient exclusive to Max International that raises the bodies glutathione levels.

It also includes Alpha Lipoic Acid and other safe and natural ingredients.

It contains some branch chain amino acids called Leucine (BCAA) and Citrulline (AA) which is also an amino acid. Both of these ingredients help to maintain lean muscle tissue.

So if you’re already exercising, don’t worry about losing lean muscle. The ingredients in Meta-Switch are designed to help to maintain lean muscle, which is where the fat is burnt.
Citrulline assists ATP production (cellular energy), which also increases post exercise Creatine levels for the muscle to aid in energy and endurance.

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